We are a visionary and dynamic development and design/build firm comprised of a diverse group of individuals with the skills, experience, and knowledge to carry out our vision. Our team is inquisitive, creative, and never afraid to think outside the box, which is important at U.S. Construction because when unique challenges present themselves, creative solutions are needed to succeed.

A Team of Professionals

Our reputation is built on cutting-edge, innovative developments. Driven by a desire to always outdo ourselves, to always produce the most creative designs with flawless execution, we expect nothing less from our team members. We want energy. We want passion. We want an unwavering commitment to achieving results that blow our clients’ and investors’ expectations out of the water. We want the best.

Dynamic Culture

At U.S. Construction, our people come first. We’ve built a strong team and an even stronger company culture. We actively promote an environment where our employees respect each other, challenge each other, push each other to be creative and to always look for ideas that are outside the ordinary. It is our dynamic culture that allows for creative solutions to any hurdle that may come before us and why we work so well together as a team

As a growth oriented development firm, we constantly challenge our team members to take on new responsibilities and provide them with the resources they need to be successful. There are many avenues for advancement within U.S. Construction, and we recognize team members for their merit and loyalty, not because of a preexisting hierarchy or internal politics.


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If you’re looking for the opportunity to grow with a company, U.S. Construction might be the perfect solution for you. Since the company’s inception, we have seen annual, exponential growth, which has provided the opportunity for numerous employees to step up into leadership roles and take on responsibilities of increasing importance. We foster a workplace of respect, where team members challenge each other to be their best and to push the boundaries of their creativity to find new and innovative ways to approach each situation. If you have a strong work ethic, the ability to adapt, and the desire to work for a company with plenty of opportunities for advancement, then we invite you to build with us.

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Corporate Headquarters
400 Market St. Suite 415
Philadelphia, PA 19106

New Jersey Office
70 Hudson St. Suite 5A
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South Florida
Ocean Delray Design and Sales Center
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