Multiple Perspectives Podcast Features USC’s Dustin Salzano

May 12, 2020 /

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Multiple Perspectives Podcast featuring Dustin Salzano
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May 4th, 2020

This week’s episode of Multiple Perspectives, coming to us from Equity Multiple, featured U.S. Construction’s Dustin Salzano. With insight into running a successful development firm during the 2008 financial crisis, Dustin shares tools U.S. Construction used to stay profitable during challenging times.

It probably goes without saying that the world we’re living in right now, in the spring of 2020, is drastically different than the one we were living in at the end of 2019. Different in ways that couldn’t have been predicted. While none of us have ever experienced a global health crisis like this, today’s guest has an interesting perspective when it comes to managing a business through a crisis.

Dustin Salzano is CFO of US Construction, a development firm specializing in luxury multifamily projects situated in the northeast and Florida coast. Dustin co-founded US Construction in 2007, almost immediately being forced to guide his young company through the storm of the 2008 mortgage crisis and ensuing recession. This experience in navigating difficult economic conditions, along with a decade of exposure to diverse markets up and down the eastern seaboard, uniquely positions Dustin to help us understand our current situation.

To date, US Construction has developed more than 800 luxury units with hundreds more in process. EquityMultiple investors had the opportunity to invest in a luxury townhouse development in Delray Beach, Florida from US Construction in the Winter of 2019.

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